Richards Partners is organized in four practice groups, led by three principals. Stacie Barnett, the agency’s managing principal, thrives on making brands relevant by tapping into cultural influencers in the media and beyond. Ruth Fitzgibbons leads the cause branding and nonprofit team, as well as the growing partnership marketing team. George McCane is the B2B guy. George brings a couple of decades of client-side experience to bear as he guides his clients’ business communications. 


Stacie Barnett

Raised at The Richards Group, Stacie’s star began shining when she had the bright idea of making a mass market underwear brand a focal point of Fashion Week in New York. Culturally relevant connections are her stock in trade, and she creates them for a blue-chip portfolio of brands ranging from Patrón tequila and Prestone antifreeze to Pilot Pens and Sub-Zero refrigerators. In her nearly two decades at the agency, her team’s creative approach to media outreach has landed her clients on or in virtually every national network, major daily, and Internet news venue.


Ruth Fitzgibbons

After two decades as a reporter and editor for national and regional magazines, Ruth became the agency's public relations guru in 1994. Since crossing the desk, she has counseled clients in a wide array of categories ranging from the ridiculous (pasta-based pet food) to the heartrending (healing sick children) to the sublime (Sub-Zero rules!). Her commitment to cause branding and strategic communications for nonprofits has led to the growth of a substantial practice area serving health care, universities, charities, museums, and corporate cause partnerships.


George McCane

George’s track record stretches back to career corporate communications roles in diversified manufacturing and financial services, where he honed his public and investor relations skills on the client side. George has managed initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, national launches of companies and products, major reductions in force, plant closings, and major consumer meltdowns. His senior-level team is always on hand for the good, the bad, and the opportunistic.