The deep end from Day One: a new hire's guide to getting started

October 30, 2012

Throughout my career with Richards Partners, I have secured TV and radio interviews, led client status calls, helped run a press conference and single-handedly prepared an all-day media training session for executives of a Fortune 500 company. 

I've been here for less than six months.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington on Saturday, May 12, and three days later was dressed and ready for work, coffee in hand, by 8:29:59 a.m. Leaving my comfortable college life behind, I acclimated quickly to the unknown professional world. 

As any recent postgrad can tell you, a first job can be scary. There are procedures to learn, responsibilities to manage and expectations to meet. But for me, I had all of that to digest plus The Richards Group culture – an environment immortalized in Stan Richards' book The Peaceable Kingdom.

Not familiar with our culture? Allow me to share a new hire’s Cliffs Notes version of the philosophies and principles that make this place unique.

“Hierarchy Rhymes with Malarkey” 

I don’t have bosses. I have colleagues. Sure, I know there are people who have been here much longer than me, people with much more experience and insight. But without official titles and big corner offices, these people are more like mentors than managers. Because of this, I can spend more time producing good work rather than worrying about office politics.

“Cube, Sweet Cube” 

In our office, everyone gets a cube. My superiors work in the same type of space that I do. Better yet, these cubes are nestled in little neighborhoods, or “pods,” as we like to call them. Each pod has four cubes to each side; the farther back your cube, the longer your tenure with the company. Personally, it feels like I’ve been placed with my own family – we even have a traditional pod breakfast every Friday morning. That’s the point of our unique layout: to trade ideas among different disciplines, to encourage eavesdropping and to get to know each other on a deeper level.

“What This Business Needs is More Amateurs” 

I love showing up at work every day, and I’ve come to find that I work with colleagues who love showing up here too. You can feel the energy up and down the stairwell; that love for advertising/marketing/PR runs through our veins. We are all true amateurs – each of us has that fire in our bellies driving our passion for this industry. That’s the kind of passion that makes work fun.

Chloe Jamerson is a member of the Richards Partners consumer team.