The power of a third party

August 22, 2014

In today’s earned media landscape, it often takes more than a cool product and a clever campaign to grab media attention. All things being equal, the power of a third party can help a brand stand out.

Richards Partners recently wielded this power in a battle of hilarious cuteness on behalf of Bright Starts and their trio of “fun comes first” baby toys. 

Working in tandem with The Richards Group, we discovered that what sets apart Bright Starts from other baby brands is its commitment to fun. Many baby brands put the pressure on parents to help their children be smarter, faster, stronger. However, it takes a brand truly dedicated to fun to list fun as its primary goal. 

How does a baby brand measure fun? Baby laughter, pure and simple. To help establish Bright Starts as a leader in laughter, we enlisted a voice of authority on all things baby amusement: Gina Mireault, Ph.D., a prominent researcher of infant humor and laughter. 

Bright Starts provided Mireault a platform to share her insights and learnings on the growing body of research on baby laughter through a satellite media tour (SMT), multimedia news release (MNR) and an appearance and presentation at BlogHer ’14. In return, Mireault, backed by her independent research, validated Bright Starts' credo that fun comes first.

The combined SMT, MNR and appearances resulted in a win-win-win: a win for Bright Starts, earning media attention; a win for Gina Mireault, spreading her important message; and a win for anyone who loves to watch babies getting their giggle on.  

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