The Home Depot gets cooking with Hispanic grillers

September 20, 2012

Grilling may be as American as apple pie, but it's also as Hispanic as "carne asada."

The Home Depot, which regularly shares how-to tips in YouTube videos and in media interviews, recently encouraged an employee to talk about grilling with a Hispanic twist on Dallas' Univision station, TeleFutura (Channel 49).

The Home Depot is a brand that values authenticity, so they tapped Natalie, a local bilingual Associate. Thanks to ample pre-interview prepping, you'd never know that she had not been in front of a TV camera before. ¡Felicidades – job well done! 

You can view the interview here.

The experience reinforced to us the importance of practice to hone messages (especially when it comes to TV and the need for speedy sound bites), the benefits of having truly bilingual, bicultural spokespeople, and the need to respect cultural relevance.

It is hugely important for our PR team to have bilingual capabilities and bicultural sensitivities. At Richards Partners, we are tapping into our team's talent's in new ways, and we are finding opportunities to speak to our clients' U.S. Hispanic audiences – sometimes in partnership with our Hispanic marketing companions at Richards/Lerma.