The drama of startups: Silvercar takes the stage

March 08, 2013


Every thespian knows the sensations that occur before the curtain rises. Goose bumps appear and adrenaline pumps before a steely calm washes into place as you prepare for the drama to unfold. 

In public relations, these same sensations accompany the launch of a startup. As on a theater’s stage, the real drama for startups lies in the months of preparation. Once the curtain goes up, the drama is behind the scenes.

So it was when we recently helped launch a startup with a concept so brilliant that there’s every chance it will change the travel industry as we know it. 

Silvercar is a reimagined, airport-based car rental experience. 

Pretend for a moment that you live in 2013, and you have a smartphone, but you have never rented a car before. What is your expectation? You’d walk up to a sleek, “the-future-is-now” car, point your phone at it, and it would unlock. Slide into the driver’s seat, and it’s like it’s your very own car. 

That is the idea behind Silvercar: Eliminate the red tape, the lines, the counters, the seriously uncool “mystery” cars, and travel like it’s 2013. 

Launched at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in January, Silvercar rents only one make, one model: the 2013 Audi A4, in silver. Travelers simply need to download the smartphone app (iOS or Android) to take the fully equipped Silvercar for a spin around the Metroplex. 

All startups share the same communication drama of getting the word out at just the right time to make their venture a success. Richards Partners took up the mantle like actors taking their marks.  

In Act I, the Silvercar team told the story of the modern-day traveler’s evolving expectations and one company that was poised to shake up a tired industry. We told the story at first to tech-based media, including TechCrunch and Wired, then to trade media, including Auto Rental News. 

As Act II began, we told the local news, with several broadcast stations and The Dallas Morning News, and eventually reached the crème de la crème of national business news: The Wall Street Journal.  

What will come in Acts III-V? Silvercar will take its superior service and story to the thriving city of Austin, Texas, where savvy travelers will flock for SXSW. By the end of the year, Silvercar plans to be in four cities across the United States. 

The startup drama and entrepreneurial passion drive Silvercar and Richards Partners. Now that the curtains are up and business is revving, we will take Silvercar’s story of innovation and growth to the people who need to hear it the most.