College students can "ID the V" - can you?

June 26, 2012

Recently, we had the opportunity to go back to school as part of a team for feminine hygiene products manufacturer Summer’s Eve® on their first-ever college campus tour. On eight campuses across the U.S., we put students’ anatomy IQ to the test with the ID the V™ quiz, which we designed to help educate and empower women to know their bodies. Inspired by research that revealed nearly 70 percent of women can’t identify five major parts of the female anatomy, ID the V has to date helped educate more than 50,000 women nationwide.

Armed with a custom Summer’s Eve pop-up booth, BlackBerry playbooks for quiz-taking, and “Hail to the V” T-shirts for successful quiz takers, our team took over each university’s student union, and it was clear we made an impact. We witnessed priceless reactions from quiz takers – some confident and pleased with their five-out-of-five scores, and others shocked that they didn’t know their own body. After one woman scored a three out of five, she exclaimed to her friend, “I’m a nursing student and got this wrong – that’s bad! Got it down now though!” 

For Summer’s Eve, the mission to educate women is just getting started. Our next goal: Reach 100,000 correctly completed quizzes!