Reunion Tower

Dallas loves a good comeback (we’re looking at you, Tony Romo). That's why, when the observation deck at Reunion Tower reopened after a major renovation, Richards Partners was excited to help reshape the Dallas icon’s identity.

To tell the story of the new Reunion Tower, we developed a brand promise focused on the spectacular views, and a new identity centered on the iconic shape and famous lights of the tower’s geodesic dome. This brand was key to our fully integrated public relations, social media, and advertising campaigns.

We also developed names and identities for the tower’s new facilities, including the GeO-Deck (observation deck), Cloud Nine (cafe and private event space), Kaleidoscope (gift shop), and Pix (photo experience). We kept the brand and messaging in mind for every detail, even down to the employee uniforms and scripts for the elevator ambassadors.

After grand-opening celebrations that included around-the-clock media coverage, giveaways for our first guests, and even a fireworks show launched from atop the actual structure, Reunion Tower became the most buzzed-about building in more than seven markets. From developing the campaign to shaping the GeO-Deck guest experience, we learned the true meaning of building a brand from the bottom up.