Introducing JOYÀ , the newest spectacle from Cirque du Soleil

June 27, 2014

Over the past three years, our team has gotten a taste – sometimes, literally – for what it takes to build and promote a brand-new Cirque du Soleil entertainment experience from the ground up.


Our client Grupo Vidanta is a leading developer of world-class resorts and tourism infrastructure in Mexico. Four years ago, they set out to elevate the entertainment offerings for visitors to Cancún and Riviera Maya, entering into an exclusive partnership with the worldwide leaders in entertainment and spectacle, Cirque du Soleil.

The Cirque du Soleil creative team would imagine a new type of theater experience to be housed permanently in a custom-built (and Vidanta-designed) theater at one of Vidanta’s premier resort properties. Step aside, Las Vegas. Enter JOYÀ.

Act 1

This could be no ordinary Cirque du Soleil show. Grupo Vidanta began construction of a custom-designed 600-seat intimate theater – and Cirque du Soleil and Vidanta worked jointly to design something new for Cirque: the first collision of the culinary and the theatrical.

Set to premiere November 21, 2014, JOYÀ engages an audience’s full five senses and draws on Mexico’s history and heritage. The story line follows an alchemist and his granddaughter on a transformative quest to uncover the secrets of life. Through their wonderfully disorienting journey, they will discover a hidden gem in the mangrove, passing along the poetry of love and life to future generations.

Act 2

Tell the world. Which is where Richards Partners enters stage right. We collaborated with conference organizers for the Tianguis Turístico travel trade show to host top U.S., Canadian and international media at a press conference at the beautiful Vidanta Riviera Maya resort property.

There, Grupo Vidanta founder Daniel Chavez Moran and Cirque du Soleil president Daniel Lamarre announced the name and show concept for the first time to a crowd of 120 journalists.

JOYÀ was officially born that day – and ticket sales skyrocketed.

To get a sense of what’s in store this November, take a look at this preview video:

Act 3

Stay tuned to the Richards Partners blog throughout the summer as we update you on JOYÀ leading up to the celebrity-laden November premiere. Or, if you want to hear it from some of the tougher critics, check out articles from,,, the Associated Press or other media outlets across the globe.