Quite simply, ours is a culture of mutual respect. In fact, some of our cultural quirks are catching on everywhere. Like talking to face-to-face rather than laptop-to-laptop. And taking the stairs in lieu of the elevator to promote impromptu conversations among employees. (The additional calories burned are considered a secondary benefit.)

Perks like parking spaces and windows are based not on seniority, but tenure. The unspoken message is that all 650 of us play a valued role on a level field. One of many reasons we’ve been rated “Best Place to Work in Dallas” by both Dallas Business Journal and The Dallas Morning News.

Our “stairwells” – raucous company-wide greetings for friends old and new – have been featured in Fast Company. We love them because they’re hilarious. Our clients love them because they illustrate our unwavering commitment to their business goals. And because they’re hilarious.

Stan closes every stairwell with, “Let’s go have fun.” And then, we do.

The Richards Group