Grouper featured on 20/20 for (in)famous faux pas

January 22, 2013

As we approach Super Bowl XLVII, we can't help but remember (and chuckle at) an infamous agency story surrounding the big game. 

Ever accidentally hit "reply all" on an email? One of our favorite colleagues and copywriters, Bill Cochran, made that lovely mistake a couple of years ago when he sent an email – meant to be seen by only his creative partner – to every team in the agency. It was full of locker room talk about who their biggest competition would be in dreaming up the next Super Bowl spot. Despite this workplace faux pas (which, face it, we've all almost committed), Bill found redemption by using his personal story as the basis for the popular 2011 Bridgestone spot, "Reply All." 

The story behind the spot caught the attention of the producers at ABC's 20/20, and they decided to feature it in the show's "Workplace Confidential" series. We hosted the crew and correspondent Chris Connelly as they talked to Bill, Stan and others about this "reply all" mishap turned Super Bowl success. Miss the episode? You can view it at the link here