Getting your message across...on one of the world's largest TVs

October 23, 2012

Picture a thousand-person captive audience. They’re sitting in front of a 25,670-square-foot, 1080p HDTV—or 4,920 52’’ flat-panel TVs. Getting their attention should be easy, right? 

Not when their babies are the ones out on the field at the world-famous Cowboys Stadium.

That’s exactly the challenge our client, Unequal Technologies, came to us with. Unequal is the leading provider of supplemental protective gear for athletes, using a patented military-grade composite in all their products. Although relatively new to the sports scene (they started in military protection), Unequal’s target audience includes a wide range of athletes, starting from youth all the way to the pros. 

That is why Battle X, a youth football tournament at Cowboys Stadium, was the perfect event for Unequal to serve as title sponsor. However, Unequal was still a new player in the youth sports category. We saw this as a huge opportunity to connect with parents who are rabid participants in youth football. 

We leveraged Unequal’s title sponsorship to do a Jumbotron takeover. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Unequal had an on-screen presence between shots of youth football games. We successfully captured the attention of our target audience when their eyes weren't glued to the field as they watched their kids in action. 

Along with the Jumbotron, we added on-the-field giveaways and a booth displaying product. We even awarded an 11-year-old who had taken the hardest hit of the day with free Concussion Reduction Technology, supplemental helmet padding that can help reduce head injuries.

The result? Media impression numbers in the millions. Locally, both The Dallas Morning News (online and print) and CW featured Unequal and Battle X within two hours of the event. Most important, we started a meaningful conversation with parents and young athletes about the importance of concussion prevention. And it sure didn’t hurt that we had a 1.2-million pound video screen to help out.