From the Bubbling Beaker To Your Radiator

December 19, 2014

Prestone, the leading consumer choice for branded antifreeze/coolant in North America, recently debuted the biggest thing to happen to antifreeze in the past 20 years: a new formula packed with Cor-Guard™ inhibitors. Richards Partners’ role in the launch? Pull back the curtain on the making of antifreeze.

Imagine walking into the stereotypical science lab, or as the chemists at Prestone’s world-renowned Technology Center put it, an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Starched white lab coats, beakers filled with fluorescent-colored bubbling liquids, biohazard-blazoned yellow triangles – a quintessential scientist’s paradise.

We traded the tired press conference hors d’oeuvres for safety goggles and allowed media to explore what a calorimeter unit does and see the next-generation cavitation pump test. So why get so techy with media?

1.     Quality is overused marketing hype

In this case, Prestone invested more than seven years of research and development, filed over 20 patents, and logged a million miles of fleet testing to fine-tune the industry’s newest antifreeze formula. Giving media behind-the-scenes access to the research and development process provides end users with third-party objective evaluations of quality control and new product development.

2.     Education is the best weapon

In the rapidly advancing automotive industry, industry leaders like Prestone have the opportunity – and some would say responsibility – to educate the market around the latest research findings.  Connecting media with some of the world’s leading fluid chemists is an opportunity to leverage expertise and share knowledge much more deeply than can be accomplished with traditional ad campaigns and PR.

During our media tour, the Prestone Technology Center team, to their credit, gave free rein to their testing processes and answered scores of follow-up questions. An added benefit – your PR team, too, is now dangerous enough to strike up a casual conversation about the molecular makeup of organic acid coolant!