FRAM's Ready to Role event packs a retail punch

July 17, 2012

We all know cause marketing works–studies show it influences sales! But it never hurts to directly align a cause event with a client's retail partner.

That's exactly what Richards Partners did with this year's FRAM Ready to Role event. We wrapped the feel-good event–involving FRAM technicians, celebrity partner Jason Whitten of the Dallas Cowboys and kids from the Boys & Girls Club–around a Father's Day sales push at FRAM's key retail partner Walmart. The idea: Drive dads and kids into a high-traffic Walmart to learn car-care skills from FRAM and drive buzz and sales in the process. And it worked. Through local and national media coverage, hundreds of people attended the FRAM event…and then made their way right into Walmart. Both Richards Partners and our FRAM client see more of these events in the near future!