Cleveland Browns’ Joe Haden goes all in for protection

July 31, 2014

All-Pro NFL cornerback Joe Haden is the real deal. Haden, who signed a five-year, $68 million contract extension this offseason, is ready to stake his claim as the top cornerback in professional football.

An electrifying cover corner since his days at Florida as a BCS National Champion, Haden has a knack for making plays on the ball and delivering highlight reel-worthy hits. To keep him safe on the field – and help protect his head and body for the long haul – Haden sought out our client Unequal Technologies this summer.

Unequal manufactures and sells advanced sports protection for the head and body, using a patented composite padding fortified with Kevlar® and Accelleron™ to absorb and disperse impact forces.

Seen something distinctively green in an athlete’s helmet lately? (Maybe you caught Sarka Pancochova’s wipeout at the 2014 Olympics, or the Atlanta Braves’ catcher Evan Gattis behind the plate.) Yep, that’s Unequal protection.

Hundreds of professional athletes armor up their helmets with Unequal’s supplemental head padding – from football to lacrosse to snowboarders and everyone in between. X Games made body padding from Unequal a mandate for snowmobile freestyle jumpers. Pop Warner is partnering with Unequal to pilot-test the products on youth football teams this fall. Southern Methodist University’s entire football team will wear the gear. The list goes on. And it’s an impressive list.

So enter Joe Haden, one of the top young talents in the NFL, and a player that has taken his health seriously since his college days. He came to Unequal seeking the latest innovations in technology, and Unequal delivered. Haden will wear the Unequal Gyro in his helmet, and the Viper Girdle for hip, thigh and tailbone protection, heading into the 2014 NFL season.

To maximize the partnership, Richards Partners is working with reporters and influencers to spread the word. Check out some of the headlines:

Moreover, Haden and Unequal hit it off and are working to make Joe the new face of the Unequal brand in the football space. Very soon, you’ll see Haden featured in Unequal POP displays at retail shops, in social and digital campaigns and serving as an Unequal brand ambassador.

Applications of Unequal’s protective sports technology are practically endless. If you’re an all-out competitor, or the parent or coach of one, you need to check this stuff out. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to what everyone else is already saying.